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Easy, Affordable, Stress-free Payroll Options for Small Business and Corporation


When and How You Need Payroll Services, We're Here:

  • Deliver on-time and accurate employee payroll based on timesheets, employee contributions,

      vacation compensation, and other employee              benefits,

  • Quickly do payroll at your desk or on the go,

  • Calculated, deducted, and paid payroll taxes (PD7A),

  • Quarterly and yearly reports done,

  • Forms (T4s) filed to Canada Revenue Agency and issued to employees,

  • Forms (ROEs) filed to Service Canada and issued to employer and employees,

  • Integrate payroll and time-tracking.

We can take care of all your payroll needs, from hiring to firing, and we'll keep your employees' information as private as possible. Managing payroll is more than just entering the information given by the company into a payroll system and handing out paychecks.

At least one person should be hired to handle payroll for a business and making sure that the right taxes are taken out. Hiring a payroll service provider is a good idea if they don't have the time or skills to manage payroll themselves. You can get more out of payroll services by improving integration and consolidation and being better prepared to deal with CRA obligations. 

We are best payroll options for small business and corporation in Canada. At ClaTAX, everything that has to do with your employees is handled in complete privacy. We use up-to-date tax tables and software that meets Canadian standards to make sure your payroll data and systems follow all laws and rules. So that your payroll model is easier to understand, you can get reports right away, and you can be sure you're following all the rules.

As one of the biggest cloud-based payroll service providers in Canada, our team of fully qualified accounting experts will integrate every part of your company's payroll process using best accounting practices.

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