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We are driven by making sure you are happy

The Cloud Accounting & Tax Services Inc. | CLaTAX team, which is led by Anamika Biswas, is dedicated to helping all of their clients in the best way possible. Our values and beliefs show how we see the world, who we are, and where we want to go. These concepts, which come from the past, sum up our entrepreneurial mindset and help us make decisions about the company's future. We stay true to our culture and do everything we can to protect and keep our principles. These are the pillars of how we serve our customers.

Both online and in person, our experts in their fields can help you find answers that fit your goals and needs. At our accounting firm, CPAs, CGAs, ACCAs, and CPBs work very hard to make sure that our clients are happy.


Even though our physical location is in Burnaby, which is in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, our cloud-based internet platform works very well for providing remote accounting and tax services all over Canada.

ClaTAX head office
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Since it was founded in 2011, our company has moved quickly to meet the needs of the market. It has grown into a business-focused professional accounting and tax services provider.

One of the biggest accounting firms in British Columbia is CLaTAX, which is also known as Cloud Accounting and Tax Services Inc. The company offers services that are both useful and new. It works with both individuals and businesses to meet their needs. People who believe the same things as us are more likely to move up in the company and stay with us. Our group is willing and able to be a good friend.

We do individual tax returns, corporate tax returns, SMB tax returns, business accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, GST/HST filing, WorkSafeBC reporting, and financial statement compilation.


Our number one priority is protecting our clients' best financial interests while always acting with the utmost honesty. To provide our customers with the services they require both now and, in the future, and to assist them in securing a better future. We promise to treat our workers and the people we help with the utmost respect and professionalism. We promise to always act professionally and with the utmost regard for our employees and the individuals we serve.

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