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Deadline to File 2022 Personal Income Tax Return in Canada

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

When is the First Day to File Taxes for 2022?

Canadian personal income tax returns for the year 2022 will be open for filing starting on February 20, 2023.

When is the Deadline to File Taxes for 2022?

The Canada Revenue Agency has strict due dates for tax returns and payments. If you file your personal tax return on time, you won't have to pay any interest or penalties, and you'll get your refund faster. If you do your taxes on time, benefits and credits won't be held up. So, one of the most important things for a taxpayer to remember is when they need to file their taxes.

Tax Filing Deadline for Individuals and Families

The deadline for submitting your 2022 tax return is the first of May in 2023 (May 1, 2023, since April 30 is a Sunday). The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a general expectation that individual taxpayers will submit their annual income tax returns by the 30th of April of each year. When the deadline of April 30 falls on a weekend, the Canada Revenue Agency moves it to the first business day after the weekend.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will launch its EFILE and NETFILE service in February 2023, at which time it will be able to electronically receive submitted tax returns (exact date to be determined by the CRA). Responses that are mailed in must either be received or postmarked by the due date and returns that are electronically submitted must be filed by midnight local time on the date that they are due.

If you want to avoid having your benefits and credits delayed, you should file your 2022 tax return by the deadline of May 1, 2023, even if you have little to no money. If you owe taxes, your tax payment deadline is also May 1, 2023.

All residents of Canada, including citizens, students, immigrants, newcomers, foreign students, permanent residents, those with work permits, seniors, and others, are subject to the above-mentioned dates (except for those who are self-employed).

Tax Filing Deadline for Self-Employed People

The tax deadline for self-employed individuals is June 15, 2023. Self-employed people are people who rent out their homes, work as freelancers or independent contractors, or are delivery drivers or couriers who work for themselves.

Even if your spouse, or your common-law partner are self-employed, the CRA gives you a bit longer to submit your income tax return. You and your spouse or common-law partner have until June 15, 2023, to file your 2022 returns.

When is the Payment Due Date to File Taxes for 2022?

Don't forget that if you owe taxes, you still have to pay by May 1, 2023.

If you have a balance to pay, your payment is due on April 30, 2023.

If you or your spouse or common-law partner are self-employed, your payment is still due April 30, 2023.

Since April 30, 2023 is a Sunday, your payment will be considered on time if Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) receive it or if it is processed at a Canadian financial institution on or before May 1, 2023.

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